For more than 60 years, Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC has supplied products for the pharmaceutical industry as the premier source for natural rheology control. Our natural, water-washed smectite clays are the industry standard for reliably stabilizing emulsions and suspensions. We offer products complying with the Magnesium Aluminum Silicate NF, Purified Bentonite NF, and Xanthan Gum NF monographs for use in topical treatments, oral suspensions, and tablets.
VEEGUM® Magnesium Aluminum Silicate
VEEGUM® Magnesium Aluminum Silicate products are water-washed smectite clays that serve as suspension stabilizers, emulsion optimizers and rheology modifiers. For assistance selecting the best grade for your formulation, see the VEEGUM/VANATURAL Quick Reference.
VANZAN® Xanthan Gum
VANZAN® Xanthan Gum is widely used as a rheology control agent for aqueous systems. It increases viscosity, helps to stabilize emulsions, and prevents the settling of solids in a variety of pharmaceutical applications.