Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC has been serving the refractories industry since the early 1920's when our South Carolina clays pioneered the replacement of imported kaolin. Today, Vanderbilt Minerals supplies a variety of minerals and dispersing agents for refractories applications, including PYRAX® RG Pyrophyllite which is used to make refractories with superior hot load bearing ability, resistance to thermal shock and low coefficient of thermal expansion.
PYRAX® Pyrophyllite
PYRAX® Pyrophyllite products are a unique natural mixture of platy silicates, principally pyrophyllite, and quartz with low bulk density, low thermal conductivity, and low reversible thermal expansion. They are used in foundry washes, insulating firebrick, and abrasive products.
DARVAN® Dispersing Agent
DARVAN® Dispersing Agents are highly effective dispersing agents used to lower the viscosity of particulate slurries and to inhibit the settling of particulate solids.
PEERLESS® Kaolin Clay
PEERLESS® 2 Airfloated Clay is a clean, low iron kaolin clay that is uniform in chemistry. It is an excellent alumina source in manufacturing firebrick.
VANSIL® Wollastonite
VANSIL® Wollastonite is a natural calcium silicate mineral used for in-casting mold flux applications.