Xanthan Gum

VANZAN® D Xanthan Gum is a surface-treated grade of xanthan gum that provides easy dispersion with rapid viscosity development, without the formation of lumps or "fish eyes". VANZAN D is surface-treated to make it temporarily insoluble. This facilitates dispersion and prevents the gum from dissolving until the surface treatment is removed by raising the pH of the system to 9 or greater. It is particularly convenient for systems where the final pH is alkaline.

The rheology of VANZAN D solutions is remarkably stable over a broad temperature range and will not change significantly between ambient temperature and 60°C. Additionally, VANZAN D has excellent freeze/thaw stability. Mixtures of xanthan gum with water-swellable clays or certain galactomannans produce synergistic rheological effects. The mixtures will provide greater thickening, stabilizing and suspending properties than those developed by the individual components of the mixture.

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